Hi, and welcome to my new Baby Glory page. Right now I don't have much up,
but that will change as time progresses. For now, this page is a project for
my Computer Art class. I am making images in Photoshop 5.5 and Director 8
for the page, and I edit some at home to give them the finishing touches. By
clicking on the happy picture Baby Glory, you will be taken to my main page!
I hope you like it!

click me!!

Below this point will be where all of the webrings and stuff like that will
be. When I get the time I will move all of them over to this page. Enjoy!

Minty: ::wheeze:: You're me! MINTY! ::wheeze::
Maybe you can do a better job of being me than
I could. I like to turn my hat around
backwards, so don't forget to do that. Oh!
And you work weeknights at Razzaroo's General
Store. You sweep the floor, and put the
candies in appealing arrangements. Don't be
late, or Razzaroo will beat you with his broom.
Maybe you'll make enough money to impress
::dreamily:: Wysteria.

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